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"Oracle Deck"



Life has cracks, and it is through those cracks that light can enter.

For those who pursue perfection, having cracks can be unacceptable!

However, life itself is accompanied by these cracks. Some cracks are shallow, while others run deep. Trying to accept the existence of these cracks, trying to accept the so-called "perfection," inherently carries an element of "imperfection."

When we look at the cracks, big and small, on the path of our lives,
we are engaging in cleaning and healing.

We can also use our own strength to fill those cracks, just like the Japanese art of “Kintsugi”, where a broken ceramics is repaired with gold, allowing its value to continue and showcasing a unique beauty.

By repairing the cracks in our own lives, this life will bring forth even more splendid value.

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