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"Oracle Deck"



Clouds in the sky weep, yet the rain nourishes the earth.

More than 70% of the human body is made up of liquid. Without food, we can barely alive , but without water, we will absolutely lose life.

Why do we cry? It's because we feel hurt.
But why do we feel hurt?

On a spiritual level, behind emotions like feeling wronged, hurt, or dissatisfied, it signifies our attempt to control the external world.

We always hope that the external world will operate according to our will. We want to control everything, so we have expectations for all.

We expect our partner to do this and that, we expect our children to behave in a certain way... Once other people, events, or things deviate from our preconceived notions, we start feeling frustrated, sad, then we start crying.

"He doesn't love me anymore..."
"My child has grown up and left home..."
"My supervisor doesn't recognize my efforts..."

You have the right to cry, but try to let the rain stop and the sky clear up again.

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