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"Oracle Deck"



When we lose the ability to perceive, it's easy to fall into an endless cycle. No matter how hard we try to change our thoughts, we can't seem to break free.

Doing the same repetitive work every day, living the same life day after day. We feel helpless and bored in the face of these seemingly endless days because we lack awareness, perception, and the courage to change.

Within the infinite lies infinite possibilities for change.

A massive rock may seem infinite to us, lasting for centuries, even millennia, appearing to be endless. But eternity is relative. In the context of the Earth's lifespan, that massive rock might just be a newborn. So, we don't need to pursue the infinite anymore.

If life could only accomplish one thing, what would you choose?
A rock simply wants to be a rock, it only does the work of a rock.

Remember, by repeatedly mastering a skill, we can attain boundless energy.

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