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"Oracle Deck"



When we are born on Earth, family is our most important companion. In the initial stage of life, we are taken care of and nurtured within our families, enabling us to transition into group life at school.

Almost everyone carries with family issues, perhaps similar, perhaps different. Regardless of the family "karma", we have the potential to create new energy flows that minimize the impact of familial influences on us.

Take a moment to think about your own family.

If you haven't established your own family yet, try to recall the memories with your parents and brothers / sisters.
Do you have extremely similar behavior patterns and values as your parents?

If you have created a new family, think about what kind of family you envision. Our thoughts and beliefs about the concept of "family" can have a profound impact on us.

Asian families and Western families have vastly different traditional customs, and the ways in which love is expressed among family members can also differ greatly.

Take the time to observe the dynamics between you and your family.
Is it relaxed or filled with stress?

Don't forget to genuinely care for your family!

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