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"Oracle Deck"



Once we know that there is a waterfall ahead, we will surely feel fear.
If we don't know that there is a waterfall ahead, we will remain fearless.

Fear is a major factor that limits our growth and restricts our mindset.
Fear of making mistakes, fear of others making mistakes, fear of financial scarcity, fear of not being loved...

The more we fear that money will be scarce, the more our finances will decline; the more we worry about meeting the wrong person, the more likely we are to encounter heartbreakers...

Are you afraid of certain people, things, or situations?

Fear can bring incredibly powerful negative energy, and again, this negative energy will attract more negative energy.

Yes, facing fear is a challenging task, but please try to confront fear directly!

How can we overcome fear?
You must have strong positive energy beliefs, believe in yourself, and support all the decisions you make with complete trust.

Everything will be arranged for the best.

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