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"Oracle Deck"



The fire element may have the smallest proportion in our body, but its impact is quite powerful. In many ways, fire represents life.

Fire is often seen as dangerous, but it is an essential primitive element that humans cannot do without in the process of development. The invention of fire by drilling wood hundreds of thousands of years ago marked the first time humans gained control over natural forces. The application of fire has propelled human civilization forward, allowing us to cook food, leading to longer lifespans.

The sun itself is a massive ball of fire, providing the fuel for all kinds of life on Earth.

Without the fire burning within us, there would be no life.
However, if we are not careful, fire can quickly get out of control and destroy everything.

It is essential to carefully maintain the flame of life.

If you can, you might consider lighting an aromatherapy candle and quietly watch the flame, experiencing the energy of fire.

Additionally, this card can be associated with “Fire Signs” in astrology (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).

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