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"Oracle Deck"



Do you aspire to fly?

When humans watch birds soaring freely in the sky, they can't help but feel a sense of envy. "Flying" is often equated with "freedom."

The desire to ascend into the sky and embrace freedom has driven the invention of airplanes.

"Men are great for the dreams they have." While humans cannot grow wings like birds, they have taken inspiration from birds' physical forms and invented airplanes. The more they fly, the farther they can go. Airplanes have even evolved into rockets that can travel beyond Earth.

A cat cannot fly over the oceans, but with the assistance of a bird, seemingly impossible tasks can be accomplished.

Flying over the ocean, we have a bird's-eye view of everything, the mind becomes tranquil, as everything seems to be still.

Let your spirit fly, traverse the ocean of consciousness, a broader landscape is waiting for you.

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