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"Oracle Deck"



Have you ever tried walking into the forest alone?

In the forest, you can see a variety of plants and animals.
A forest holds the incredible abundance of nature and embodies the harmonious coexistence of flora and fauna in a balanced state.

It is full of vitality and life, yet also filled with tranquility.

When we enter the forest, we begin to "discover."

Discover the thriving mushrooms that grow after the rain, discover the vines clinging to tree roots, discover the various shapes of moss, discover the diverse array of flowers and grasses, discover butterflies or spiders...

Walking into the forest is an "exploration journey."

Your life is like a forest, and when you step into your own forest, you discover its beauty, abundance, and the wonders it holds.

Whether you are a small hill or a majestic mountain, it doesn't matter.

What matters most is to step in, to experience life, and to truly get to know your own life.

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