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"Oracle Deck"



Do you truly want to know your future?

Roland, a famous Japanese host, once wrote: "Is it terrifying to live a life where you can't see the future? I think it's even more terrifying to be able to see the future! Until this day, I haven't seen the future of my life. Why? Because my future is just too bright!"

Our thoughts often oscillate between the past and the future.
Getting caught up in memories and fantasizing about what lies ahead.
We forget the importance of the present moment.
The present moment is the most important.

Why is that?

Because it is this very moment, right now, that completely determines your future!

There are three cards in front of you, symbolically suggesting that the future is what you choose!

You always have the right to choose.
Your future is filled with infinite possibilities.

As long as you follow your intuition, choose what you love, and love what you choose, your future will undoubtedly be brilliant and bright!

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