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"Oracle Deck"



Coming to Earth, participating in this game called “life”.

We can go through it with responsibility or with indifference; it all depends on our own decisions.

The “game” itself is actually an illusion, a virtual experience.

As we enter this earthly playground, we must abide by rules here, including the limitations of the three-dimensional physical world, the constraints of time and space, and so on.

If all of this is an experience in the game, do you know which level you're stuck on?
And what is the ultimate level of the game? It is awakening!

Lifting the veil of ignorance, awakening from the daily dream.

Perhaps in the past, we were within the game machine, now we can break free from its confines and witness the unfolding of everything in front of us.

Maintaining inner awareness and focusing on the goals we wish to achieve is the winning secret to overcoming all obstacles along the way!

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