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"Oracle Deck"



Why are we drawn to light?
Because the purest essence of our inner being, our soul, is light, is love!

Often, we only pay attention to the nimbus of others—their achievements, wealth, good relationships, happy families…

It seems like we can never reach that level, so we can only fantasize, envy, and even become jealous.

Please don't forget that you have a radiant inner light!
It is definitely there!
It's just that you have forgotten, or it has been overshadowed.

Rediscover the precious qualities within you, your valuable talents, reignite the inner light, the flame of life, and you will regain a beautiful and abundant life.

If you currently have goals you wish to achieve, consider if there are any additional sources of strength or resources you can tap into.

Perhaps all you need is a small stool to reach the light!

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