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"Oracle Deck"



When we get accustomed to restlessness, stillness feels awkward; when we get accustomed to noise, silence can make us feel uneasy.

This is precisely why most people struggle to find inner peace.

In a world that is too busy, fast-paced, and overloaded with information, we have become so accustomed to the busyness of daily life that it is challenging to quiet the restless thoughts and emotions in our minds.

As a result, we may feel that we cannot meditate or even see it as a pointless and uncomfortable practice.

As a consequence, people often only listen to the voice of their ego, allowing their ego consciousness to dominate each day and every year, until their last breath.

However, the path to awakening requires us to learn how to still ourselves, to quiet our bodies, and to calm our thoughts.

Internal serenity helps us embark on the journey of mindfulness.

Furthermore, it’s like a rapid recharge when we do meditation, during moments of stillness, our bodies are recharged, and our energy can be restored to its fullest.

Would you like to start learning meditation today?

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