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"Oracle Deck"



Are miracles truly incredible events that come from the heavens?
Or are they actually attracted and manifested through our consciousness?

“Heaven helps those who help themselves.” Moses, with the power of God, parted the Red Sea!

When you sincerely desire something, the entire universe will help you achieve it.

Do you hold an inner expectation for miracles to occur?

The distant light attracts you, and we often think that we can only wait and rely on miracles to happen in order to reach our goals.
But we forget that we can actually proactively create miracles.

To fill your life with miracles, why not start by changing your thoughts?

Let your consciousness be abundant, positive, calm, and joyful, and miracles will naturally manifest in front of you.

At the same time, do not forget to keep your faith, otherwise the floods from both sides may engulf you!

Maintaining faith is crucial!

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