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"Oracle Deck"



Maintaining inner peace is extremely important!

Most of the time, we may be able to achieve it, but when unfortunate or anger-inducing events happen to us, we just can't hold it any longer.

Just like this thorny rose in front of us, we can appreciate its beauty by peacefully coexisting with it while keeping a distance.

Similarly, when something unpleasant happens, don't forget to remind yourself to "stay calm" and "create distance" from that event.

Take a deep breath.
Let go of emotions.
Return to a state of calmness.

Modern life is often too busy, and our inner world is frequently in turmoil.
Influenced by the external environment as spending our days scrolling phones, affected by various social medias. It becomes challenging to maintain clarity and tranquility within.

Allocate time to enjoy "Me Time," whether it's admiring a small flower, reading a good book, or taking a relaxing aromatherapy bath.

These activities can help us consolidate our inner peace.

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