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"Oracle Deck"



Everyone has secrets.
Some of them we can still remember, some are already forgotten.

Living with secrets is undoubtedly an invisible burden because we cannot be our true selves and show our authentic selves.

Therefore, no matter what kind of secrets you have in the past—those unknown, terrible, painful, beautiful, or unimaginable experiences—they are all in the past.

Cleanse those secrets and remind yourself that there is no need to dwell on the past.

In each present moment, strive to be grounded and honest, without the need for so-called secrets.

Living with clarity and transparency allows life to be light and easy.

Furthermore, this card also suggests that there may be new discoveries in the near future!

For example, discovering an unknown sightseeing spot, or a lovely café in a little street...

Having a few harmless secrets can also be considered a delight of life!

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