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"Oracle Deck"



Indeed, insufficient sleep seems to be a common phenomenon among modern people.

During casual conversations, you can always hear people saying they didn't get enough sleep. Some people even struggle, constantly experiencing restless nights.

Sleep is the time for us to replenish our life energy and repair our bodies.

Just imagine, if someone consistently lacks sleep or has poor sleep quality, they don't have sufficient energy to cope with the activities of daily life.

As a result, they easily become more tired, and their bodily functions may deteriorate.

Please take your sleep issues seriously!

When it's time to sleep, make sure to lie down early and fall asleep.

Spending time on smartphones doesn't contribute to your physical well-being, but getting more sleep does!

This card reminds you to prioritize deep rest. Perhaps, simply resting might not be enough.

This weekend, why not get a good long sleep?

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