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"Oracle Deck"



Sometimes, you can instantly become the center of attention by doing something noteworthy!

Being in the spotlight has its pros and cons.
Under intense scrutiny, even the smallest details become more apparent.

People around you might unconsciously magnify your strengths and weaknesses.
Stay true to yourself and, regardless of the situation, strive to maintain your original intentions.

When receiving compliments, don't become overly conceited.
When facing criticism, there's no need to be excessively disheartened.

You are simply experiencing being in the spotlight, and it's just a part of your journey.

Furthermore, another situation may be a long-term lack of self-confidence.

In group life, you might feel a weak sense of presence, "becoming the center of attention" becomes a desire deep within your heart.

Strengthen your self-confidence!

In the stage of your life, you are already the protagonist!

Embrace your own glory, and the light will naturally come.

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