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"Oracle Deck"



Earth resides within the solar system, and the Sun is like the patriarch of our galaxy.

Without the Sun, all life on Earth would cease to exist and thrive.

If possible, please praise the Sun every day!

When the warm sunlight shines upon us, we feel genuine gratitude from within for the Sun.
Even during dark stormy clouds and heavy rain, we can still express our gratitude to the Sun because above the clouds, we know the sunlight remains constant.

The Sun symbolizes the positive energy and vitality within you.

Have you been feeling depleted lately?
Finding it difficult to muster enthusiasm or motivation?

Please recharge yourself!
Shine and radiate like the Sun, illuminating yourself and warming others.

Life may be busy, so why not learn from a cat?

Emulate a cat basking in the Sun, silently enjoying the sunlight and absorbing its abundant energy.

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