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"Oracle Deck"



Time and space are not absolute but relative.

When we are happy and joyful, time seems to pass too quickly, and we don't feel its presence.

On the contrary, when we feel bored, dull, or in pain, time can seem to drag on endlessly.

Do you often feel like there is never enough time?

You work relentlessly when it's time to eat, indulge in late-night snacks when it's time to rest, and spend time on your phone in bed when it's time to sleep.

You get distracted by chatting or online shopping when you should be focused on work…

Most of the time, we don't properly complete the tasks at hand, leading to a constant feeling of insufficient time and unfinished work.

Are we powerless in the flow of time, merely going with the flow?

Or can we regain control and manage our time effectively?

Time is the most impartial and precious resource. 24 hours for everyone on this planet.

To truly cherish life, we must treasure every moment.

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