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"Oracle Deck"



When it comes to unknown people, situations, or things, we often tend to fantasize and speculate.

In that cave ahead, will there be surprising precious crystals?
Or will there be terrifying ferocious monsters?

If we never step inside, we will never know the outcome.

Life is filled with unknowns.

We cannot predict the future, and we can't even foresee everything that will happen in the next hour.

Life is orchestrated with a series of coincidences, some of which we perceive as good, while others as unfortunate.

These details are arranged by the universe, and we don't need to resist the universe's plans.

When faced with uncertain situations that require decision-making, finding inner peace is the best way to discover the answers.

There is always a way out. Take it slow and steady.

As you journey through the long tunnel, beautiful scenery awaits you on the other side!

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