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"Oracle Deck"



Do we often struggle with having patience in waiting?

Life moves at a fast pace, and everything is sought after immediately and quickly, causing our patience to gradually diminish.

When it's time to wait, please hold onto your patience.

Did someone read your message but not reply?
It's okay! Be patience!

Whether it's in work or relationships, sometimes we need to prepare ourselves and wait for the right moment.

Being too hasty often leads to messing things up.

During the waiting process, we can reevaluate our readiness.
Are we truly prepared in every aspect, or have we just been going through the motions?

This card also symbolizes invitations.
You might be waiting for someone else's invitation, perhaps for a new job or a new relationship.

You find yourself in a state of anticipation.

Waiting is certainly fine, but it shouldn't be too long!

Perhaps turning passivity into proactivity will lead to unexpected results!

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