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"Oracle Deck"



Water is truly an amazing substance.

It can fit into any container, and it exists in three forms: liquid, gas, and solid.

Humans can go without food, but we cannot survive without water.

Water is incredibly important and fascinating!

Scientists have discovered that water has memory.
When we observe snowflakes under a microscope, we can see their intricate and beautiful geometric patterns.

When we drink water, let us express gratitude towards it and recognize that each sip nourishes our cells.

Water reflects our true nature, but this reflection is merely an illusion.

Just like life, what we see in front of us is merely an illusion.

We are not the reflection in the water, nor are we the person looking at our own reflection.

Recently, why not go to a spa or take a bath or soak in hot springs.

Let yourself be enveloped by the gentle warmth of water and enjoy moments of relaxation, allowing the water to cleanse you.

Additionally, this card can be associated with “Water Signs” in astrology (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces).

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