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"Oracle Deck"



Wind signifies "movement."

When the air is in a state of stillness, there is no wind. It only exists when the air begins to flow.

We cannot capture the wind, much like the thousands of thoughts that arise in our minds every day. They are difficult to capture as well.

The wind cannot be preserved; it can only be experienced.

Therefore, we must be aware of our thoughts and feel the inner movements within us.

By flowing with the currents of life and through awareness and change, we can truly enter the "flow".

Have you been in the flow today?

In terms of diet, it may be beneficial to keep it light for a while, allowing yourself to feel more agile.

Like the wind, seek freedom, but be cautious not to fall into unrealistic fantasies.

It won’t work with all talk and no action.

If we want to manifest something, we must stay grounded and make appropriate efforts.

Additionally, this card can be associated with “Wind Signs” in astrology (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

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